There are so many things that go into planning an event, including, sending invitations, selecting the menu, and decorating the venue. However, the initial and primary aspect is deciding the venue for the specific events. For instance, while searching for convention halls in Bangalore, you must ensure it has all the necessary facilities such as catering services, etc. 

Besides, there are plenty of specialized and lavish venues in Bangalore that you can choose from depending on the kind of event that you want to host. Nonetheless, some of the essential features you must consider are mentioned below.

Essential Features while Booking a Venue in Bangalore 

Spacious & Sound Proof Hall

The ideal venue should be spacious, soundproof, and capable of hosting events of any size, ranging from intimate gatherings to large conferences. Whether you are planning a board meeting for a few attendees or organizing a grand celebration for a large crowd, the spaces are customized to meet your specific requirements.

The importance of Privacy is immense which is why there’s a specially designed hall with cutting-edge soundproofing technology. This ensures a disturbance-free atmosphere for uninterrupted proceedings.


The food and catering services have a long-lasting impact that people recall long after the event is over. Hence, you need to select a venue that assures high-quality food and efficient services, including the seating arrangements and cooking process. 

Also, food items must be prepared with fresh ingredients and there should be plenty of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.


The employees or corporate guests calling individual hosts’ to ask where to park their car is a common occurrence. You can avoid such a situation by ensuring that the venue has ample parking space for guests.


Clean and well-maintained restrooms/washrooms are one of the vital amenities. Additionally, the availability of sufficient toiletries and their timely refilling is a required necessity.

Organising Team Get-togethers and Annual Award Ceremonies

‘’All work and no play’’ is not the ideal way to function, especially in the context of corporate culture, wherein exhaustion and overworking seem to be the norm. Therefore, team get-togethers are the perfect way for employees to relax, destress and enjoy. On the other hand, annual award ceremonies are equally important for companies to demonstrate their appreciation for employees. 

So, if you are planning either of the two, some of the things that you should be mindful of are as follows: 

  • Pick a theme

Rather than conducting the same kinds of get-togethers every year, how about making it a little interesting by adding a theme to it? For instance, you could set the dress code as ‘’cool casual’’ or bohemian and include decorations reflecting the theme. As for the annual awards event, you can choose a black-and-white theme or red and blue. 

  • Set the budget 

Setting and allocating a budget is a deciding factor for most events, hence, conduct a meeting with your team and list out all the expenses. For example, while deciding on the venue, you can check the prices of the convention halls in Bangalore. Ensure that the venue offers catering services and beverages, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks within your budget.

No one wants to encounter a post-event shock or meltdown from receiving an unanticipated bill, hence, it is always best to address budgetary constraints. 

  • Plan Sound and Video 

Imagine declaring the’’ best employee of the year’’ or the ‘’best teamwork award” but suddenly the lights or sound goes off. Technical difficulties happen when you least expect them and they most certainly are infuriating. Therefore, be sure to check the PA systems, WiFi connections, and projectors. 

Also, even during team get-togethers such issues can be annoying, hence, ensure to connect with your tech team who will run a necessary last-minute check. 

Table-Planning at Award Ceremonies

Annual award ceremonies are special and they help to boost the morale of the employees, making them realize the company cares about them. Therefore, the company must make proper preparations, including organizing tables for all guests. 

Setting the tables with name tags of respective employees in no particular order is a good plan to avoid last-minute sitting confusion. Also, the award invitations can include all the details regarding the ceremony and mention the table number. 

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a venue with a lavish design and world-class architecture, the MLR Convention Centres are perfect. It comes with a well-planned design with cutting-edge facilities, making it ideal for hosting, get-togethers, and annual award functions. Additionally, it comes with an open-air courtyard, meeting rooms, and an auditorium.


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