Getting married is a special moment in a person’s life and they should enjoy their day of love. They should just sit back, enjoy activities and dance performances by family and friends, and relish the spread of different cuisines.

Nothing could be worse than a stressed-out bride and groom! 

The days leading up to the wedding are some of the best days. Family and friends coming in, great music playing, delicious food, decorated hallways and whatnot. There’s so much going on, which increases the chances of things going wrong.

Nobody wants that for sure! Here is a guide to the ultimate wedding day timeline, to ensure a couple enjoys their wedding day.

Choosing the right venue: 

This is the first and foremost thing you would be deciding on and you should because it is extremely crucial. A venue can make everything easy and convenient.

However, it is imperative to consider a few factors such as the maximum capacity, budget, location, amenities and privacy, among other factors.

Bridal makeup and hair

Getting ready for your day can take up a lot of your time. In most cases, hair and makeup mostly run late, which is why it is important to budget time. To ensure you are on schedule, set aside at least 3 hours towards hair and makeup. To get a better idea of the time required for hair and makeup, you can run a test with your hair and makeup team. This way, you will be able to plan your day and have a better sense of budgeting time.

First look and pre-ceremony photos

When your hair and makeup are almost done, the photographer can take shots of you getting ready and of your outfit. You can also take some candid photos while you are almost ready.

If the room is big enough, a couple of your bridesmaids can help you get ready and ask the photographer to capture this. Once you are ready and good to go, the photographer can click a few portraits of just you and a few with your family.

Commute time

In Indian weddings there is a tradition of the Baraat (a processional dance party), where the groom is riding on a horse or a fancy set of wheels. He is accompanied by his family and friends dancing to dhols or traditional Indian music leading to the wedding venue.

While this is a fun and wonderful experience for the groom and his family, it is important to be mindful of the traffic and distance to the wedding venue.

Ceremony time is important

The ceremony consists of several traditions and rituals. Hence, it is only crucial that you set most of the time aside for the ceremony. Some of the rituals include:

– Varmala

– Kanyadaan

– Vivaah Homa

– Hastmelp

– Mangalsutra

– Granthi Bandhanam

– Saptapadi or Mangal Fera

– Kalasha

– Laaja Homam

– Kansar Bhakshan

– Ashirwad

However, the rituals and traditions can differ from religion to family. Depending on the rituals of your religion and family, keep track of time. You can set aside 2-3 hours for your ceremony to avoid any hassle.

Post-ceremony activities

Once the ceremony is done, there’s a delicious spread of food waiting for the guests. There is music and dance. Once everything is done, it is time for the vidai, where the bride leaves her family and is heading with her husband to his home. At the groom’s home, there are a bunch of activities planned for the bride and groom such as Saubhagya Sundari (where the couple competes to find hidden rings in a pot of milk and rose petals).

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