Catered buffet or plated meals? Deciding between the two is never an easy task. But, when planning an event, it’s never about your personal preferences. Some determining factors such as budget plays a crucial role and so does the size of your gathering and the nature of your event –  whether it’s casual, semi-formal or formal.

Options for either are limitless because if a catered buffet is all about variety and gastronomy experience then the plated meal is ultimately going to focus on presentation.

So, if you are still confused between a catered buffet or plated meals, here’s our tip on how to decide:


The basic rule says the formal an event, the more appropriate a served meal is for the occasion because during the event you would not want guests wandering back and forth to the service buffet and disturb others. However, the only exception to this rule is wedding functions or receptions.

The size of the event is another determining factor when choosing between a buffet and a plated meal.

Guest List:

If your attendees or guests for the function are more of seniors, mommies with young kids or toddlers then the plated meals make sense. They would surely prefer to be served as opposed to fetching their food themselves.

But, on the other hand, a buffet is a popular format for events like parties, luncheons, and wedding functions.

Cost Consideration:

Buffets are far more cost-effective than plated meals. So, they could be your choice if you’re planning an event keeping a tight budget in mind. It’s not necessary to have multiple servers when you offer a buffet which adds on to the price of table service meals. However, you will still need servers to man the buffet tables.

So, what may work for one kind of event might not work for the other. The consideration should always be on the specific needs and preferences of your guests and the nature of your event.

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