Planning kids’ birthday party is a big deal these days; a game of musical chair and a few balloons won’t pass muster. So, how about including interactive food stations for your little one’s party.

Here’s a list of entertaining live food stations – the ones that will make your child’s birthday party a memorable one!

  1. Popcorn Station: Something so simple like popping up of corns can add so much fun to even a dull party.  A popcorn station is something that kids of all age groups love it. And, guess what? Add-in flavours of popcorn definitely multiply the excitement. Sweet or savoury, let guests make their own flavoured popcorns.
  2. Handy Candy Station: Candy buffets add a wow factor as no other food station does and they rev up the fun factor too. A display of colourful candy will awe-inspire your little guests – no matter boys or girls. To make it more interesting you can include different flavours, sizes and types of candies. Not only does the variety keeps your guests happy but it will also add a touch of coordinated look to make your candy buffet interesting.
  3. Donut Station: Let’s admit that we all go nuts over cute sprinkled Donuts. Don’t we! Kids don’t just enjoy donuts but they keep coming back for more. Add some chocolate dipping and other customisation options like mini donuts, etc. The only hardest part of this station would be for guests to decide which donut topping to choose?
  4. Awesome Waffle Station: Waffles are healthy, nutritious and super delicious. They are surprisingly easy to put together with unique topping combinations and are good tummy fillers as well. Adding this station will bring joy and excitement on the face of your little ones.

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